Toshi sings Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Date: November 3, 2007  Comments: 87 Comments

And it’s time for the last performance of the day and who better than Toshi to give the final performance?

He sang ‘Mera Piya Ghar Aaya’ and as expected, did full justice to the song. I think it would be an awesome experience to listen to him LIVE. It’s been quite some time I have attended a live performance but listening to Toshi makes me want to attend one. I had few comments on my site that few folks are planning to bring Abhaas to US for a tour, I think they should call in Toshi too, it would be a great concert!

Not much to add, just enjoy the performance!

Toshi sings Lagan Lagi

Date: November 3, 2007  Comments: 53 Comments

Next, Toshi performs ‘Lagan Lagi’ from the movie ‘Tere Naam’. Wow! Fantastic performance! He matched up the passion shown in the original song by Sukhwinder Singh. And anyone, who can match up with energy level of Sukhwinder Singh, is one talented singer; that’s for sure. A must watch.

Original version:

Toshi sings Saiya

Date: October 28, 2007  Comments: 80 Comments

Toshi sings Khuda Bhi Aasmaan Se

Date: October 28, 2007  Comments: 49 Comments

Toshi - Main Jahan Rahoon

Date: October 27, 2007  Comments: 120 Comments

If you read my previous post, I said Irfan’s ‘Tadap Tadap’ was one of the best performance of the day. The reason is that Toshi’s rendition of Main Jahan Rahoon was the best of the night, in my humble opinion. I think he outdid himself in this performance. I don’t know why he has now resorted to playing the emotional card [he spoke about his ill 'bua'] but full marks from my side.

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