Abhaas sings Aake Sidhi Lagi

Date: October 14, 2007  Comments: 9 Comments

Finally, I and VoI team come to an agreement! Definitely, Aake Sidhi Lagi is Abhaas’ best performance so far.

Harshit sings Ek Haseena Thi

Date: October 14, 2007  Comments: 8 Comments

Again, I don’t think Ek Haseena Thi was Harshit’s best performance so far. I liked ‘Chori Chori’ better. What do you think?

Toshi sings Piya Re

Date: October 14, 2007  Comments: 67 Comments

Looks like we are going to have two performances from participants each week! This time it’s solo and participants are going to repeat their ‘past best performance’.

First we have Toshi on stage and he sings ‘Piya Re’ though as you might guess his best performance so far is ‘Teri Deewani’. Here it goes:

Ishmit and Shaan sing Jab Se Taire Naina

Date: October 14, 2007  Comments: 19 Comments

And we come to the final ‘jugalbandhi’ between Shaan and Ishmit. They sing ‘Jab Se Taire Naina’ from the movie ‘Saawariya’ and wow, what a performance! When Ishmit started the song, I almost thought that it was Shaan who was singing. Ishmit, chak diya Yaar! +10.

Toshi and Aadesh sing Marhaba

Date: October 14, 2007  Comments: 24 Comments

Next, Toshi and Aadesh on stage with a good performance.

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